Are Zebra Blinds any good?

Zebra Blinds

(a.k.a combi blinds, zebra shades, sheer shade)

Zebra blinds are a combination of both elegance and efficiency perfect for any window treatments. It's made of two-layer overlapping Blockout or Semi-blockout (Light Filtering) fabric and translucent sheer, enabling you to catch the sun and yet enjoy your privacy. You can roll it all the way like any ordinary window blinds with bead chain or you just turn on the sheer so you can let light in. The entire blinds works exactly as ordinary roller blinds but rolled over into two layers made with 100% polyester providing efficient insulation. Our Zebra Blinds are water resistant too, so it is perfect for shower, bathroom or toilet and to clean it, just use damp cloth and and simply wipe regularly. Please note that like any other window treatments, you should control the humidity in your room, especially in shower, to avoid too much condensation thus creating moulds in the blinds.

Zebra Blinds Roller Blinds Window Blinds for bathroom or toilet

Perfect Alternative Window Blinds

Zebra Blinds are window coverings that is more practical than the traditional roller blinds, roller shade, roman blinds or venetian blinds. It is cost effective and can achieve elegance like curtains but not as expensive. The flexibility of Zebra Blinds lies on the alternate fabric and sheer components, it has the ability to fully blockout light and the view, providing total blackout privacy, while its built in translucent sheer, once turned on, enables the light to pass through without rolling the blinds all the way up.


Fast Shipping & Made to Measure

All our Zebra Blinds are made to your custom measurements, delivered in 12 working days and install in 10 minutes. You can choose from our collection of Zebra Blinds, a wide range of fabric colours both blockout and semi-blockout, enjoy any styles to perfectly suit your home. Buy online and it will show your real time pricing by simply inputting your width and height. Our casing and bead chains are also highly customisable with five colours to choose from, white, beige, grey, brown and black.

Our Customers

We deliver New Zealand wide, predominantly to Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington regions. We also have Zebra Blinds Australia, a small home office in Victoria for our catalogue distribution, catering for our Aussie online orders, mostly in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth areas.

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